Stop War on Gaza, Show Commitment to Your Declared Ethical Values to Protect the Civilians


The Secretary-General António Guterres of the United Nations,

President Joe Biden of the United States,

President Xi Jinping of China,

President of the European Union Ursula von der Leyen,

President Vladimir Putin of Russia,

Leaders of Arab and Islamic countries,

Leaders of free countries worldwide,

Israel has been applying the policy of collective punishment, persisting since October 7th, by targeting civilian homes, hospitals, schools, bakeries, and the shelters of displaced people in all corners of the Gaza sector, which is regarded as the most extensive and enduring concentration camp worldwide. They have cut off water, electricity, fuel, food, medicine, and even communication from it. The number of casualties from the Israeli bombardment has exceeded 36,000 at a rate of one victim every minute, and the numbers are escalating.

The policy of collective punishment, seeking revenge against civilians, and bombing them with over 30,000 tons of explosives at a rate of 82 tons per square kilometer in the most densely populated place in the world, where an average of 6,200 people live per square kilometer. This is a crime against humanity. It violates all international laws and norms. This crime continues under the world’s watchful eyes and it cannot be justified by claiming the right to self-defense because those who are being killed and have been living under constant bombardment for about a month are civilians who have lost security in their homes, streets, schools, hospitals, and even places of worship.

We, the undersigned, place you before your historical responsibilities to protect civilians by stopping the killing of children, women, the elderly, and youth. We urge you to immediately pressure Israel to cease the bombing of civilians, halt threats of bombardment, open humanitarian corridors to deliver food, medicine, and fuel, protect hospitals, shelters, homes, schools, and all civilian sites.

Show commitment to the values of the United Nations and your declared values, and do not become partners in these crimes against humanity.

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